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Cheap flights
Bridge the gap year with Compare more than two million cheap flights to destinations worldwide from more than 250 major brands.
STA Travel is a "one stop shop" travel service for young travellers offering low cost flights, rail and bus tickets for popular gap year destinations all over the world.
Student Flights
Student Flights is a dedicated service for students and young people offering flexible changeable student fares on flights to worlwide destinations.
Youth Travel
Specialising in flights and holidays for students and independent travellers. The site offers all travel facilities, from flights (including round-the-world) to holiday packages and exotic adventure tours in foreign climes.
Sky Scanner
Compare prices on cheap flights with the major budget airlines in Europe. Ideal if you know your departure and return dates and want to get the best online deal.
Flight Comparison
Simplistic and easy to navigate site which aims to consolidate online from various airlines and tour operators. Choose from a large range of departure airports from across the UK.
Round the
World Flights
Round the World Flights run customised round the world flight booking services, ideal for those planning multi-stop gap year travel. Choose between 4 and 6 destinations across the world, or search for more simple one-stop flight tickets.
Travel Nation
Specialist independent travel operator run by experienced and knowledgable staff. The company offers round the world multi-stop air travel deals in addition to adventure trips and one-off experiences such as the Trans Siberian railway journey.